Romania’s foreign ministry says a Romanian citizen who was abducted in northeast Burkina Faso in 2015 where he was working at a mine, has been released.
Survivors of Rwanda’s 1994 genocide have criticized a call by appeals judges at a United Nations court to indefinitely halt the trial of an alleged financer and supporter of the massacre due to the suspect’s ill health.
A decision by a bloc of West African nations to shut down their borders with Niger as a way of sanctioning its coup plotters is harming local businesses in northern Nigeria, where a cross-border economy has boomed for years.
The World Bank says it will not consider new loans to Uganda after the East African country earlier this year enacted an anti-gay bill that rights groups and others have condemned.
The United Nations says Sudan’s escalating conflict has driven more than 4 million people from their homes, including over 884,000 who have fled to neighboring countries.
A Kenyan police official says dead bodies were planted to accuse police officers of using excessive force during recent anti-government protests, which rights groups say left dozens of demonstrators dead.
A U.N. independent investigator on human rights says Eritrean refugees and asylum-seekers report that during compulsory national service they experienced torture, inhumane or degrading treatment, sexual and gender-based violence, forced labor and abusive conditions.
Appeals judges have thrown out a decision by a United Nations court to set up a procedure to hear evidence against an elderly Rwandan genocide suspect after he was declared unfit to face trial.
The Moroccan navy has recovered the bodies of five Senegalese migrants and rescued 189 others after their boat capsized off the coast of Western Sahara.
Officials and activists say that rebel groups — including one with ties to the Islamic State group — killed at least 21 people in restive northeastern Congo over the weekend.
An international human rights group has denounced Tanzania’s government for detaining critics and urged it to respect freedom of expression and the right to protest.
Ethiopia’s federal government says it has lost control of some districts and towns to militia fighters in the country’s Amhara region.
Senegal’s jailed opposition leader Ousmane Sonko, who has been on a hunger strike in prison to protest criminal charges against him, has been hospitalized.
At least 24 people died in a bus crash Sunday in the central Azilal province of Morocco, marking one of the deadliest such accidents in recent years in the country.
Eight bodies of migrants have been recovered in the past two days off the coast of the Tunisian port city of Sfax, after their boats trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea toward Europe sank.
Doctors from Nigerian public hospitals who have been on strike since last week say they will embark on a nationwide protest, accusing the country’s president of ignoring their demands for better work conditions.
An analyst says Niger’s new military junta has asked for help from the Russian mercenary group Wagner as the deadline nears for it to release the country’s ousted president or face possible military intervention by the West African regional bloc.
Regional mediation efforts to reverse the coup in Niger collapsed as soon as they started. Tensions are escalating as Sunday’s deadline nears for possible military intervention by other West African countries.
Witnesses say a deadly attack on a Zimbabwean opposition supporter was the work of ruling party followers, underlining fears of a violent buildup to this month’s general election.
Vehicles have been set on fire in the South African city of Cape Town after a dispute between taxi drivers and local authorities earlier in the week sparked disorder.
Doctors in Kenya say the bullet wounds that civilians received during opposition protests last month show that most were shot while running from police or trying to surrender.
A leading human rights group has called on the United States and the United Nations to impose more sanctions on the Sudanese leaders responsible for the ongoing atrocities in Darfur.
The United Nations’ human rights chief says his office in Uganda will close this weekend after the East African country decided not to renew an agreement allowing it to operate.
Global prices for food commodities like rice and vegetable oil have risen for the first time in months after Russia ended a deal allowing Ukraine ship grain and India restricted some rice exports.
Ethiopia’s Council of Ministers is declaring a state of emergency in the country’s Amhara region after authorities pleaded for help as clashes intensify between regional forces and the military.
Defense chiefs from West African nations finalized an intervention plan and urged militaries to ready resources after negotiations deadlocked with Niger’s military junta, which says it is severing military agreements with France, its former colonial ruler.
July 28-Aug. 3, 2023

War continued in Ukraine during a week in which a Soviet emblem was removed from the shield of the Motherland Monument in Kyiv.
As several European countries evacuate Niger following a coup, the United States seems intent on staying.
Tunisia’s interior minister has conceded that small groups of sub-Saharan migrants trying to enter the country are pushed back into the desert border areas.
Zimbabwe’s main opposition party says that one of its supporters was stoned to death by ruling party activists while on the way to a political rally.
Authorities in Ethiopia’s Amhara region have asked the federal government for help as a local ethnic militia clashes with federal security forces.
Local officials say that unidentified armed men killed 13 people and wounded two in a northern village in the mineral-rich but impoverished Central African Republic.
Tunisia’s president has sacked the country’s prime minister, who was the first woman to hold that job in an Arab League nation.
Labor unions are marching across Nigeria to protest the soaring cost of living under the West African nation’s new president.
Former Ivory Coast president Henri Konan Bédié has died Tuesday night at the age of 89, according to a communiqué from his party.