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Social media users shared a range of false claims this week. Here are the facts: Former President Donald Trump does not face the death penalty on any of the federal charges brought in a recent indictment.
CLAIM: Former President Donald Trump is facing the death penalty on federal charges filed against him in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday related to his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.
CLAIM: A male prostitute was found in the home of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
CLAIM: A top World Economic Forum official has said conspiracy theorists should be “eliminated.”
CLAIM: Lab-grown chicken that was recently approved for sale in restaurants is made from human cells.
CLAIM: The daughter of World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab said in a roundtable discussion that, “permanent climate lockdowns are coming, whether people like it or not.”
CLAIM: The “Barbie” movie raised more money in one day than Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has his entire life.
CLAIM: Bandages around former President Barack Obama’s hand on Friday are suspicious and suggest he was involved in the death of his personal chef last month.
CLAIM: Scientists have warned that the “Earth will be swallowed by the sun.”
CLAIM: The Obama family’s personal chef had been writing a tell-all book when he was found dead with injuries to his head in less than 4 feet of water.
CLAIM: Country music star Jason Aldean has sued Whoopi Goldberg and ABC’s “The View” for defamation in relation to his song, “Try That In A Small Town.”
CLAIM: Footage shows former President George H. W. Bush dying on live television.
CLAIM: The Department of Justice has dropped all charges against FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, who is accused of cheating investors and looting customer deposits on the cryptocurrency trading platform.
CLAIM: Nuclear weapons are fake because no camera could have survived the blasts seen in archival test footage.
CLAIM: Donald Trump was never called a racist until he ran for president.
CLAIM: Roadside workers in various parts of the U.S. have been sickened or killed by fentanyl-laced water offered to them by a passerby while on the job.
Social media users shared a range of false claims this week. Here are the facts: Ingesting borax, a chemical in cleaning products, can be harmful or deadly, contrary to online claims.
CLAIM: A hologram of a giant Barbie doll is being displayed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
CLAIM: A new law passed by Congress “allows you to permanently remove any negative debt” from your credit report that is over two years old.
CLAIM: A patent held by Moderna proves its COVID mRNA vaccine contains “programmable” nanotechnology that can interact with 5G communications technology.