Asia Pacific
A strong tropical storm slammed into South Korea’s southern coastal regions Thursday. The intense rains and winds toppled trees, ripped off roofs and turned roads into chocolate-colored rivers as the storm slowly plowed north toward major urban centers near capital Seoul.
Taiwan’s defense ministry says China sent navy ships and a large group of fighter jets toward Taiwan.
Indian lawmakers have approved a data protection legislation that “seeks to better regulate big tech firms and penalize companies for data breaches” as several groups expressed concern over citizens’ privacy rights.
Pakistan’s president has dissolved the National Assembly, or lower house of parliament, a first step in the countdown to a general election by mid-November.
India’s opposition leader Rahul Gandhi has strongly condemned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government for its failure to control the bloodshed in a remote northeastern state.
Nagasaki has marked the 78th anniversary of the U.S dropping an atomic bomb on the city, with its mayor urging an end to nuclear weapons.
The discovery of an illegal medical lab in central California by a code enforcement officer has unleashed an uproar in a rural community and fed anti-Chinese rumors online.
Prince Harry has lauded the virtue of sports and its healing powers as he kicked off a promotional tour of Asia in Tokyo.
Police say gunmen have attacked police officers providing security for polio vaccination workers during a door-to-door campaign in northwest Pakistan, killing one of them.
Hip-hop has been an integral part of social and racial justice movements. It’s also been scrutinized by law enforcement and political groups because of their belief that hip-hop and its artists encourage violent criminality.
Sony’s profits between April and June slipped 17%, as worries grew about revenue damage from a strike in the movie sector.
The death toll from recent flooding in China’s capital has risen to 33, including five rescuers, and another 18 people are missing.
Dozens of flights and ferry services have been grounded in South Korea ahead of a tropical storm that dumped rain on Japanese islands for a week.
A federal prosecutor has told a judge that the mother of a U.S. Navy sailor charged with providing sensitive military information to China encouraged him to cooperate with a Chinese intelligence officer.
The son of two Spanish film stars has been arrested in Thailand on suspicion of killing and dismembering a Colombian surgeon on a tourist island.
A Pakistani lawyer says his client, former Prime Minister Imran Khan, is asking a top court in Islamabad to suspend his conviction and three-year prison sentence in a graft case.
Now that July’s sizzling numbers are all in, the European climate monitoring organization made it official: July 2023 was Earth’s hottest month on record by a wide margin.
India’s opposition accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of choosing silence while a northeastern state governed by his party convulsed in ethnic violence.
Divers have recovered the flight data recorder from an Australia army helicopter that crashed at sea during a military exercise with the United States last month.
A senior Japanese politician is advocating for increasing his country’s deterrence ability to ensure peace in the region, and called for that message to be clearly conveyed globally — particularly in China.
Police have charged 19 men in Australia with child sex abuse offenses and rescued 13 children from further harm following FBI tips last year about an international online criminal network.
New Zealand’s government says it will partner with U.S. investment giant BlackRock as it aims to become one of the first nations in the world to have its electricity grid run entirely from renewable energy.
A lawyer for Pakistan’s Imran Khan has met with him at a prison where the former prime minister is being held after his sentencing to discuss how to challenge the graft case that landed him behind bars.
Incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and seven other candidates have registered to run in the Maldives’ presidential elections next month, the island archipelago’s fourth since becoming a multiparty democracy in 2008.
Hong Kong government said Monday it was seeking to appeal against the court’s refusal to ban a popular protest song at its request, renewing worries over further erosion of freedom of expression in the city.
Officials say engineers have partially restored passenger rail service in southern Pakistan, a day after a passenger train derailed there, killing at least 30 people and injuring 90.
India’s top opposition leader Rahul Gandhi has been reinstated as a lawmaker in Parliament three days after the country’s top court halted his criminal defamation conviction for mocking the prime minister’s surname.
Cambodia’s king has appointed army chief Hun Manet to succeed his father and long-ruling Prime Minister Hun Sen as the nation’s leader later this month.
Former Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan is now an inmate at a high-security prison after being convicted of corruption and sentenced to three years.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s social media feeds suggest he’s been busy unveiling development projects and rubbing shoulders with foreign leaders — the powerhouse embodiment of an ascendant India shaking up the global order.
The highest court in the Maldives has rejected a plea from the country’s jailed former president that he be made eligible to contest next month’s presidential election.
China has released a new documentary about the army’s preparation to attack Taiwan and showcasing soldiers pledging to give up their lives if needed as Beijing continues to ramp up its rhetoric against the self-ruled island.
Vivek Ramaswamy, the 37-year-old biotech entrepreneur, is hovering among the top contenders as a Republican presidential candidate while being open about his Hindu faith.
Pope Francis has announced World Youth Day is returning to Asia for the first time in three decades.
A meandering storm is heading again toward southwestern Japan, prompting fresh warnings about dangerously heavy rainfall.
Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has attended a birthday party for outgoing Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen in Phnom Penh.