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Korean American chef Edward Lee says food, at its best, tells a story. And the story Lee wants told with the meal he’s preparing for next week’s White House state dinner is of the connection between the United States and ally South Korea.
In Indian tandoori cooking, much of the flavor comes from the ripping-hot temperatures, up to 900 F, which send spice and smoke sizzling out the top of barrel-shaped clay ovens.
What better ingredient for a spring holiday meal than a seasonal food favorite like asparagus? It’s at the top of my can’t-wait-for-spring vegetable list.
NEW YORK (AP) — “My name’s Joyce,” drawls a neighbor to Edward Scissorhands, “and I noticed that you have not tasted any of the ambrosia salad that I made especially for you.”
NEW YORK (AP) — Marcus Samuelsson is keen on leading with intention. That focus is seared into the delectable dishes prepared at his popular restaurants, but it is also expressed with his staffing.
If your secret wish is to get a reward for your talents in the kitchen, then Georgiana Viou may serve as your inspiration.
The omelet as most Americans know it is a French import. But cooks the world over have combined whipped eggs with cooked ingredients since at least the ancient Persians.
KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Don’t tell Ievgen Klopotenko that borsch is just food. For him, that bowl of beet-and-meat soup is the embodiment of everything Ukraine is fighting for.
From an AI oven that promises to warn you when your food is about to burn to a mixing bowl designed to take the hassle out of tracking calories, food tech has been a key theme at this year’s CES tech show in Las Vegas.
The famed Danish restaurant Noma which has claimed the title of world’s top restaurant several times, is reinventing itself.
NEW YORK (AP) — On his new TV show, celebrated chef José Andrés goes into a restaurant kitchen in Spain and confronts a massive moray eel.
Looking to create a bit of winter luxury when tending bar at home this holiday season? London’s top cocktail-makers have some tips.
VENICE, Italy (AP) — A glowing sea of bright orange and red cocktails has become a common sight in bars and restaurants across Europe and beyond as the Italian-born spritz continues to find new fans.
After a pandemic year in which the shape of work and play were transformed, Father’s Day gifts can embrace comforting old favorites or celebrate exciting new interests.
Across Poland people are taking off masks and making toasts as restaurants, bars and pubs re-open for the first time in seven months.
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Dubai is parting with a longstanding requirement that restaurants be covered by curtains in the daytime during Ramadan to shield the sight of food from people fasting.
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LONDON (AP) — The Scottish government ordered pubs in Scotland’s two biggest cities to close and restricted food and drink business in the rest of the country as Britain seeks to control a surge in coronavirus cases.
HONG KONG (AP) — Cannabis may be illegal in Hong Kong, but a new cafe is offering a range of food and drinks that contain parts of the cannabis plant without breaking any local laws.
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Perfectly grilled tuna steaks should combine a hot, smoky, charred exterior with a cool, rare center. For a home cook, this ideal can be an elusive goal.
The premise behind the French method of cooking en cocotte (or casserole roasting) is to slow down the cooking process in order to concentrate flavor.
It’s no wonder salmon is so popular: Its flesh is rich-tasting thanks to high levels of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
As a youngster, I never could get my fill of maraschino cherries. That is, until the day I got my hands on a whole jar of them, sat down with a spoon and proceeded to finish them off.
What’s not to love about a Greek gyro, a sandwich of seasoned, marinated lamb, tomato, lettuce, and cucumber-yogurt tzatziki sauce stuffed inside a soft pita?
ROCKAWAY, N.J. (AP) — For the past couple of weeks, alarm clocks have been buzzing early at Hira and Inaaya Shakir’s house.
Food delivery services like Uber Eats and Grubhub are taking off like a rocket. But some restaurants aren’t on board.
Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s says it’s taking a stand against what it calls the Trump administration’s regressive policies by rebranding one of its flavors Pecan Resist.
Cleveland Eats will be back in 2019, organizers say

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The second installment of Cleveland Eats proved a success, prompting organizers to say it will return in 2019.