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The Honda CR-V has consistently been one of the most popular small crossover SUVs on sale in America. It’s also highly recommended by Edmunds’ experts.
Hip-hop has been an integral part of social and racial justice movements. It’s also been scrutinized by law enforcement and political groups because of their belief that hip-hop and its artists encourage violent criminality.
Female rappers have been a part of hip-hop since its debut. Women have fought to shape their identification in hip-hop and demand recognition.
In the five decades since hip-hop emerged out of New York City, it has spread around the country and the world.
The Native American Journalists Association is aiming to become more inclusive as its members vote on whether to rebrand as the Indigenous Journalists Association.
Zoom became a symbol of remote work during the pandemic but the company is now joining a growing return-to-office trend.
Oprah Winfrey, Rachel Maddow and Arnold Schwarzenegger will be among those appearing this fall at the 92nd Street Y, as the New York City cultural institution marks its 150th anniversary.
CBS’ latest game show, “Superfan,” premiering Wednesday, gathers one musical act and their fans each week into a studio and gradually whittles the contestants down to two, giving online voters the final say on who will be crowned the ultimate superfan.
Remember the first rap song you heard? Some of your favorite rappers and DJs do. While hip-hop celebrates 50 years of life, The Associated Press asked some of the genre’s most popular artists to recall their first rap song experience and how the moment resonated with them.
This week’s new entertainment releases include Gal Gadot in the international espionage thriller “Heart of Stone,” the return of the comedy “Only Murders in the Building” on Hulu and “Painkiller,” a new Netflix limited series detailing the rise of opioid use in the United States from various perspec
A check-in area of a terminal at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport was temporarily evacuated because of a security-related law enforcement investigation.
A record number of cruise passengers are expected this year in Alaska’s capital, drawn by wonders such as the long-retreating Mendenhall Glacier.
North Dakota’s oil industry is turning to Ukrainians to fill jobs amid a workforce shortage.
Greece’s resort island of Rhodes is nursing its wounds after 11 days of devastating wildfires. The July blazes, fed by heat waves, forced 20,000 people to evacuate during the height of tourist season.
Only a single municipality, the Village of Pingree Grove in Illinois, has signed a contract so far with the U.S.
Breastfeeding and high-performance sports were long an almost impossible combination for top female athletes.
With global temperatures shattering records this year, are most people actually seeing this year as anything all that different?
Some of the largest U.S. fashion brands and retailers have made their way into the adaptive-wear market. But supporters say more needs to be done.
Adidas has brought in $437 million from the first release of Yeezy sneakers left over after breaking ties with Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West.
VIDANGOZ, Spain (AP) — A fine cloud of dust drifts across the sun-drenched landscape. The tinkling of sheep bells floats in the air, announcing the movement of 1,000 sheep and some goats through an ancient Spanish transhumance — or livestock migration — route.