Middle East
A Jerusalem court says that an Israeli settler suspected of involvement in the killing a 19-year-old Palestinian man in the West Bank last week has been released from detention and transferred to house arrest.
Iran’s foreign ministry has summoned Britain’s envoy to Tehran to protest his post on social media calling for the government to release all people ″arbitrarily detained” in Iran, including journalists.
A roadside bombing in southern Syria has killed a Syrian journalist and three soldiers. The state news agency SANA said the bomb exploded on Wednesday when Firas al-Ahmad, a veteran correspondent for the local Sama TV station, was driving back from an assignment at the border with Jordan where Syria
Inmates at a Bahrain prison are on a hunger strike over conditions there. That’s according to comments on Wednesday by activists and authorities.
The Lebanese army says it has detained dozens of Lebanese and Syrian smugglers in the country’s north as they were preparing to send migrants on boats to Europe.
Lebanese security officials and the militant Hezbollah group say a truck belonging to Hezbollah overturned on a mountain road near Beirut and was followed by a shooting that left two people dead.
A fire has broken out in a sprawling camp in northeast Syria housing tens of thousands of mostly women and children linked to the Islamic State group.
Syrian President Bashar Assad has slammed Turkey and blamed Ankara for the uptick in violence in his war-torn country.
The head of the pharmacies syndicate in Damascus says the Syrian government has decided to increase the prices of drugs by 50%.
The Jordanian military says one man has died and two others have been arrested following an attempt to infiltrate the country.
A Houston woman known online as the “Sassy Trucker” has left the United Arab Emirates after being stranded for months over an altercation at a car rental agency.
Greece’s coast guard says it has mounted a rescue operation for 52 migrants crammed onto a sailing boat found anchored off the coast of an uninhabited island far off the country’s mainland.
Japan has expressed concerns over Iran’s advancing uranium enrichment program and its suspected supplying of combat drones to Moscow for Russia’s war on Ukraine.
The Palestinian Health Ministry says a teenager who was shot by Israeli troops last week after throwing a firebomb in the occupied West Bank has died.
Saudi state-run oil giant Aramco has made $30 billion in profit in the second quarter, a nearly 40% decline from the same period the previous year.
Iran has begun registering candidates for parliamentary elections in March, which will be the first since nationwide protests rocked the country last year.
An Iraqi airline says it’s not to blame for a bear’s escape from a crate in the cargo hold of one of its planes in Dubai.
Israeli troops have killed three alleged Palestinian militants in the northern West Bank. Sunday’s shooting further escalated a wave of violence in which two other people were killed over the weekend.
Bahrain has called on its citizens to leave Lebanon “for their own safety” hours after Saudi Arabia did the same without giving a reason.
The authority that oversees Egypt’s Suez Canal says one of its tugboats has sunk in the waterway after a collision with a tanker.
Israeli authorities say a Palestinian gunman opened fire in central Tel Aviv, killing an Israeli security guard before he was shot dead by police.
Syria’s main insurgent al-Qaida-linked group denied it was behind the killing of the Islamic State group’s leader in the country’s northwest saying it would have otherwise claimed responsibility.
Senior U.N. officials say the conflict in Sudan has left 24 million people — half the country’s population — in need of food and other assistance.
Greece’s government has met to try and find ways to improve coordination on migration. Friday’s meeting came as a group of 102 migrants crossed into Greece by land from Turkey, and other parts of the country saw a spike in arrivals by sea.
An American billionaire and major donor to a Jerusalem think tank backing the Israeli government’s divisive judicial overhaul says that he will stop giving to the conservative group.
The Kurdish-led authorities in northeastern Syria are calling on the U.S.-led coalition to make clear where it stands regarding Turkish drone strikes that have killed and wounded dozens of Syrian Kurdish fighters over the past months.
Palestinian health officials say that two Palestinians were killed in the West Bank Friday — an 18-year-old by Israeli fire during a military raid into the northern West Bank and a 19-year old by Israeli settlers elsewhere in the territory.
The Islamic State group has announced the death of its little-known leader, Abu al-Hussein al-Husseini al-Qurayshi, who headed the extremist organization since November.
An alleged former member of a Syrian pro-government militia has been arrested in Germany on suspicion of crimes against humanity related to the abuse and torture of civilians in the early years of his country’s civil war.
Lebanon has handed over to Italy a suspected Italian drug dealer arrested last month north of the capital of Beirut,.
The Palestinian foreign minister has attacked the Biden administration as weak and uninterested in the Mideast conflict.
Lebanon’s caretaker prime minister has demanded an end to the volatile clashes in the country’s largest Palestinian refugee camp, warning that troops may have to intervene if the deadly violence doesn’t stop.
Israel’s Supreme Court has heard a petition against a law that protects Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from being removed from office over claims of a conflict of interest because of his ongoing corruption trial.
Heavy clashes have resumed in a Palestinian refugee camp in south Lebanon, ending a cease-fire there following a day of relative calm.
Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard has launched a surprise military drill on disputed islands in the Persian Gulf, just as the U.S. military increase its presence in the region over recent ship seizures by Tehran.