Somalia’s sports minister has publicly apologized after a seemingly untrained female sprinter represented the African country at the World University Games in China and took more than 20 seconds to finish a 100-meter race.
A zoo in eastern China is denying suggestions some of its bears might be people in costumes after photos of the animals standing like humans circulated online.
Police in the Southern California city of Burbank found a bear sitting in a Jacuzzi behind a home in a residential neighborhood.
A New Hampshire man celebrating his birthday with his three daughters saw something so rare that even marine scientists are jealous: three whales leaping from the water in near perfect unison.
An enormous Lebanon bologna sandwich billed as one of the world’s largest has been unveiled at a fair in central Pennsylvania.
An American metropolis known for freeways and traffic has a newly discovered species named in its honor: The Los Angeles Thread Millipede.
Georgia’s Big Peanut is back. The roadside landmark along Interstate 75 in south Georgia was rededicated Thursday.
The search for a rodeo goat that has been missing for more than a week has the residents of a rural South Texas county enthralled as they are using horses, ATVs and even contemplating utilizing a helicopter to find the missing animal.
It’s last call for New York City’s celebration of baring it all. Sunday’s Bodypainting Day will be the final edition after more than a decade of artists turning nude bodies into works of art.
The annual Hemingway Look-Alike Contest has been won by a Wisconsin man who was celebrating his 68th birthday.
Souvenir hunters are haunting the Beetlejuice II movie set in Vermont. State police are investigating two thefts, one of a large lamppost topped with a distinctive pumpkin decoration and the other a 150-pound abstract art piece taken from the vicinity of a cemetery.
The release of “Barbie” is upon us, and the color pink is nearly inescapable. It’s a color that has commanded fascination for generations, each shade and hue with its own connotation.
Authorities have determined that there is “no acute danger” to people in an area on the edge of Berlin where a potentially dangerous animal was spotted.
Almost 140 bearded men who resemble Ernest Hemingway have converged on Key West to compete in the Hemingway Look-Alike Contest. The challenge began Thursday evening.
An Alaska man on a paddleboard escaped a close encounter with a humpback whale that surfaced right in front of him.
A sea otter launched into the national spotlight after social media images circulated of her aggressively wresting surfboards away from surfers off the coast of Santa Cruz, California is building a fan club as she continues to evade capture.
The head of the Cyprus veterinarians association says that claims that a local mutation of a feline virus has killed as many as 300,000 cats on the island are a big exaggeration.
An unusual find in China suggests some early mammals may have hunted dinosaur for dinner. The fossil shows a badgerlike creature chomping down on a small, beaked dinosaur, their skeletons intertwined.
A Florida neighborhood is having to deal with a growing group of domestic rabbits on its streets after a breeder illegally let hers loose.
Police in Poland say two men have died in a shooting in a restaurant in the Polish city of Poznan. A spokesman for Poznan police, Andrzej Borowiak, said the incident took place in the hotel restaurant garden on St.
The very online showdown between Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” and Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” all started with a date: July 21.
A giant panda has given birth to squirming, squealing healthy twin girls at a South Korean theme park.