Palestinian health officials say Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian man in the occupied West Bank.
Iranian authorities have for months done little to enforce the law on women wearing the mandatory headscarf, but now the country’s theocracy is pushing to make businesses the new battleground over the hijab.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered his military to sharpen its war plans and signed off on expanding combat operations of frontline units.
Taiwan’s defense ministry says China sent navy ships and a large group of fighter jets toward Taiwan.
In the past two weeks, Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has zig-zagged across the country on an election campaign that pitched the appeal of political stability and his concept of a progressive government.
Mexico’s president is asking why, if a woman criticizes him, he isn’t considered victim of gender violence.
An Ecuadorian presidential candidate known for speaking up against cartels and corruption was shot and killed Wednesday at a political rally in the capital, amid a startling wave of gang-driven violence in the South American country.
Louisiana’s gubernatorial race is intensifying as candidates take aim at Attorney General Jeff Landry — the Republican front-runner backed by former President Donald Trump — by calling him a bully and accusing him of backroom deals to gain political support.
Lorilee Schultz of Orangeville has fond childhood memories of the Illinois State Fair and visits to the Dairy Building, where she and her cousin munched on cream puffs.
The United Nations says the agreement it reached with Syria to reopen the main border crossing from Turkey to the country’s rebel-held northwest for six months safeguards the independence of U.N. operations and allows it to provide aid to all parties.
California energy officials have voted Wednesday to extend the life of three natural gas power plants along the state’s southern coast.
President Joe Biden says he’s open to granting assistance for people sickened by exposure to radiation during nuclear weapons testing, including in New Mexico, where the world’s first atomic bomb was tested in 1945.
UN officials say nearly four months of brutal fighting is driving Sudan to collapse with millions of people trapped in a “humanitarian calamity” and the possibility of a new ethnic conflict spilling into the region.
A judge has ordered state prosecutors to release certain documents used as evidence against several men charged with aiding a plot to kidnap Michigan Gov.
The Pentagon will provide Ukraine with $200 million in weapons and ammunition to help sustain its counteroffensive as troops on the front lines face significant hurdles against a well-entrenched Russian defense.
A Connecticut man was arrested Wednesday and charged with several federal crimes, including assaulting a law enforcement officer, for his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S.
Police in Tacoma, Washington, have shot and killed a 41-year-old man after they say he fired at officers.
Groups opposed to Maine’s new law expanding access to abortions won’t attempt to nullify the new statute through a so-called People’s Veto referendum. Republican Rep.
The U.S. government will settle a lawsuit with conservation groups and commit to releasing more endangered red wolves into North Carolina. The U.S.
Tennessee is facing a lawsuit over a congressional redistricting map that carved up Democratic-leaning Nashville to help Republicans flip a seat in last year’s elections.
The discovery of an illegal medical lab in central California by a code enforcement officer has unleashed an uproar in a rural community and fed anti-Chinese rumors online.
Gun safety groups are joining together to endorse President Joe Biden in 2024, as the president continues to push for stricter gun laws as a major part of his political platform that was all but unthinkable for Democrats even a few years ago.
An ex-police official has pleaded guilty to blocking an investigation into the misuse of city resources by former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio during the Democrat’s failed presidential campaign.
A federal prosecutor has told jurors that evidence would show a former chief of staff to longtime Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan lied to a grand jury to protect his boss.
Massachusetts has joined a small but growing number of states adopting a universal free school meals program.
President Joe Biden has signed an executive order to block and regulate high-tech U.S.-based investments going toward China.
The death of an 11-year-old girl in a drive-by robbery caught on grainy security footage in Buenos Aires has shocked Argentina and led all major candidates to cancel their closing campaign rallies ahead of national primary elections Sunday.
An armed Utah man accused of making violent threats against President Joe Biden was shot and killed by FBI agents hours before the president landed in the state Wednesday, authorities say.
Regulators say Norfolk Southern has made improvements since a fiery Ohio derailment but still falls well short of being the “gold standard for safety” it is striving to be.
With thousands of migrants still arriving in New York City, Mayor Eric Adams is renewing his appeal to the federal government to help the city avert a budgetary crisis as expenses mount.