Social media
At least 17 people have been killed when a bus left the highway and tumbled down a steep hillside in the Pacific coast state of Nayarit.
Amazon-owned Twitch said Wednesday it’s expanding the ban on livestreams of gambling content on the platform.
An Australian Senate committee has recommended a ban on the Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok from federal government devices be extended to China’s most popular social media platform, WeChat.
A brightly flashing “X” sign has been removed from the San Francisco headquarters of the company formerly known as Twitter just days after it was installed.
A nonprofit organization that researches links between social media, hate and extremism has been threatened with a lawsuit by X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.
A team of some of the world’s leading social media researchers has published four studies looking at the relationship between the algorithms used by Facebook and Instagram and America’s widening political divide.
Elon Musk may want to send “tweet” back to the birds, but the ubiquitous term for posting on the site he now calls X is here to stay — at least for now.
An unexplained outage at Chase Bank led to interruptions for users of the Zelle payment network, who took to social media to complain.
Google snapped out of an unprecedented advertising slump during its latest quarter, signaling a return to growth cycle needed to fuel investments in artificial intelligence technology that expected to reshape the competitive landscape.
Elon Musk has unveiled a new “X” logo to replace Twitter’s famous blue bird as he follows through with a major rebranding of the social media platform he bought for $44 billion last year.
Elon Musk plans to change the logo of Twitter to an “X” from the famous blue bird, marking what would be the latest big change since he bought the social media platform for $44 billion last year.
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Facebook account has been reactivated, three weeks after he announced he was forsaking the social media giant in favor of posting on the Telegram messaging app.
The American Civil Liberties Union of West Virginia is suing a county commissioner in the state’s eastern panhandle for blocking a constituent on social media.
Facebook parent company Meta Platforms has built an artificial intelligence system that rivals the likes of ChatGPT and Google’s Bard but it’s taking a different approach: releasing it for free.
Elon Musk says Twitter is losing cash because advertising is still down sharply and the social media company is carrying heavy debt.
Celebrities, lawmakers, brands and everyday social media users are flocking to Meta’s freshly minted app Threads to connect with their followers. But the real question is: Will they stay?
In a cease-and-desist letter earlier this week, Twitter threatened legal action against Instagram parent company Meta over the new text-based app, Threads.
The app, billed as the text version of Meta’s photo-sharing platform Instagram, became available Wednesday night to users in more than 100 countries and millions signed up within its first hours.
Tens of millions of people have quickly signed up to Meta’s new app, Threads, as it aims to compete with Twitter.
A judge on Tuesday prohibited several federal agencies and officials of the Biden administration from working with social media companies about “protected speech,” a decision called “a blow to censorship” by one of the Republican officials whose lawsuit prompted the ruling.
Meta is poised to launch a new app that appears to mimic Twitter, marking a direct challenge to the social media platform owned by billionaire Elon Musk.
TikTok and Instagram users can scroll with abandon. But Twitter owner Elon Musk has put new curfews on his digital town square, the latest drastic change to the social media platform that could further drive away advertisers and undermine its cultural influence as a trendsetter.
Elon Musk has limited the number of tweets that Twitter users can view each day. He described the restrictions as an attempt to prevent unauthorized scraping of potentially valuable data from the social media platform.
Social media companies are once again under scrutiny, this time in France as the country’s president blames TikTok, Snapchat and other platforms for helping fuel widespread riots over the fatal police shooting of a 17-year-old driver.
Cambodia’s long-serving, tough-talking leader, Hun Sen, says he is considering banning Facebook in his country, largely because he is fed up with the abuse he receives on it from his political foes abroad.
A tech industry trade group is suing Arkansas over its law requiring parental permission for minors to create new social media accounts.
Google says it will remove links to Canadian news on its platforms across Canada after a new law that forces digital giants to compensate media outlets for content they share or otherwise repurpose comes into force.
A quasi-independent review board is recommending that Facebook temporarily suspend the social media accounts of Cambodia’s prime minister.
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, a devoted and very active user of Facebook, says he will no longer upload to the platform and will instead depend on the Telegram app to get his message across.
Instagram and Facebook are adding new parental supervision tools and privacy features beginning Tuesday, but critics say the steps don’t go far enough.